The BEyond FITness Team

Meet your licensed Zumba® and Specialty Instructors. A fun loving group of ladies ready to make you sweat, burn calories and help you reach your fitness goals! If you get a moment, feel free to talk to us before or after class. We would love to hear how we can help you.

Inspire | Motivate | Persevere


I have to say when I first took Zumba® I was hooked!! Hi, my name is Ivette and I have lost 52lbs and dropped 5 pant sizes from Zumba® and a low diet. So yes, the program totally works! Although I was never a professional dancer, music and dancing have always peaked my interest. I'm very friendly, outgoing and just simply a fun person to be around. In my free time, I enjoy spending it with my family and friends. And also love giving back; nothing better than helping the community by volunteering at schools, shelters or participating in walks by raising awareness for those battling diabetes and cancer.

Four months after becoming an Instructor, I opened my first studio Jan 2012 in New Haven which later merged to West Haven. The Zumba® program has changed my life and has given me the privilege to pass on this mind and body changing experience to others. That after two amazing years of dedication to my students, my community but most of all myself, I listened to my heart and took that important step in the search to open a studio back in New Haven. That's when "BEyond FITness" was born. I started by renting school gyms and started providing affordable classes. I even started Fundraising to be able to provide Free Tuesday classes for adults and for kids/families; just a little something to help folks get started on their fitness goals. Then I finally found a home for BEFIT ;) and opened my own little studio. Although its been a bit difficult to continue fundraising for the FREE classes. I really hope to bring them back very soon. I'm simply focused, determined and passionate on what I love!

I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. No matter your age or fitness ability, I'm there for YOU! Don't let anyone say it cannot be done. When your ready to start this journey with me, just put on them kicks and join me in a class ;) I know you can do this!

No one has ever drowned in sweat. ~Lou Holtz

Licensed to teach: Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba Sentao™ , Zumba® Kids, Zumba® Kids Jr., Zumba® Gold, STRONG by Zumba® and STRONG 30™


Zumba® Fitness has helped me in many ways. Before I started Zumba®, I weighed 194 pounds, and although I had always loved fitness, I had lost all motivation to work out due to being in a depressive state following the loss of my godson. That all changed when my sister invited me to my first Zumba® class. I became slightly obsessed, taking 3-4 classes/day, but I was happy and I was losing weight. Before I started taking classes, my doctor put me on blood pressure medication, after about 2 months he allowed me to stop the meds and manage with exercise for a trial period. I have yet to return to taking blood pressure medication. My heart rate also decreased dramatically which means that my heart was working more effectively. Zumba® also helped me to return to a good state spiritually, which is my most important change, by putting me in constant contact with my fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses. I became an instructor about 5 months after I took my first class, and began teaching classes 6 months after that. I love watching the joy on the faces of my students and seeing and hearing about their progress. Some say I’m a little crazy…come see for yourself ;)

Licensed to teach: Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Kids, Zumba® Kids Jr., Zumba® Gold, STRONG by Zumba® and STRONG 30™ 


Hi my name is Claudia AKA Naty. Dancing has been one of my biggest passions since I was a child. Apart from dancing, I have always been very good at loving others. Loving people so much that throughout the years it has led me to motivate & inspire others. I began participating in Zumba® Fitness classes back in 2011 and I was immediately hooked! I found that with Zumba® Fitness I could do the three things that I love the most... Dancing, motivating and inspiring. I became licensed in April of 2012 and have been teaching since. I love teaching simply because it helps me transmit an inspirational energy through the love and power of Movement. Join me on this journey and you too will be hooked!

Licensed to teach: Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Kids & Zumba® Kids Jr.


Hi everyone my name is Carla. Ever since I was a little girl dance has been my passion. My parents would always find me locked in my room memorizing all of Britney Spears, *NSYNC or even Michael Jackson's choreo!! I dreamed of being a back up dancer to an artist.

But than life took over and I had to find something else to feed my obsession with dance and that's when I came across Zumba. Zumba has brought back that passion. I've been a licensed instructor since October of 2016 but I've been actively doing Zumba since 2010! Zumba isn't about getting the choreography down right or following the instructor the exact same way, it's about letting loose, having fun and joining the party! It's a great workout but it doesn't feel like a work out. And that's why I love it! I'm not your treadmill running, elliptical riding kind of girl, you'll catch me on the dance floor giving it my all with a constant smile on my face because Zumba is what I love!!

Licensed to teach: Zumba®